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AGM  2023

Chairman :- Colin Goldsack




1. Chairman's Address.

The chairman, Colin Goldsack, welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending.

9 clubs are represented.

Attendance sheet held by secretary.


2. Apologies for absence

Pauline Harmer of Iden


3. Minutes of last AGM 2022.

Agreed by all. Signed by Chairman.


4. Matters arising.



5. Chairman’s report.

I really would like to be able to say that the year was a total success with no difficulties encountered by all clubs. Sadly, that was not the case; Biddenden, after one season, and Northiam, a founder club, have decided to withdraw because of difficulties in finding playing members. And some clubs are still having problems in finding enough players to make up full teams to cover 4 rinks. Hopefully, if some of the proposals on the table are carried through, next season will be easier for all teams to manage. Northiam and its players will be missed after the long connection with the Mermaid League, I wish them well for their future.

The final league positions saw Fairlight taking first place and Rye and Pett second and third places. They will each benefit from the prize money kindly donated by Judith Blincow of the Mermaid Inn which Judith has very generously maintained at the 2019 sum. My grateful thanks to Judith for the great amount of support she gives to the League.

Although I say it every year, I’d like to repeat my personal thank you for the great support to both the League and to me that Nigel and Terry have given. And a thank you to all the Mermaid League clubs who have continued to make a success of another difficult year.

Finally, let us hope that 2024 will continue see further advances in the League’s recovery. If it doesn’t, it won’t be for lack of determination from the clubs’ officers and players.

And, as ever, let us raise a virtual toast to the League and all that it stands for.

Colin Goldsack (Chairman)


6. Secretary's report.

I feel that the league is still getting its feet back on the ground after the Covid years, but still has a way to go.

Hopefully the league rule changes will help the recovery.

This year has seen some teams struggling to fulfil matches but this should change if the new proposals are adopted.

We are to lose 2 teams for next year, Northiam and Biddenden but we wish them well for the future.


I still have issues getting support from all clubs, lacking in players for the Sellings Cup and teams for the Fling.

Also getting replies from emails sent out, please reply even if you can not support an event. It would save me time chasing clubs. I had no seconders for the AGM proposals and had to chase for dinner numbers even though I gave at least 4 weeks notice. Your help would make the league run smoother.


Mermaid dinner - 61 attending.


Have a good winter and see you all in 2024.


Terry Rogers (Secretary)


7. Treasurer’s report.

All Clubs present received a copy of the Financial Report for the year.

No questions raised. Treasurer proposed Barclay's Bank to continue as our bankers.

The report was accepted by all.


*2024 subs are due to be paid to the Treasurer by the end of January 2024.* 


8. Election of Officers.

No new nominees, so they remain the same.

Colin Goldsack (Chairman), Nigel Pearson (Treasurer) and Terry Rogers (Secretary).


9. Future dates for the Diary

The Mermaid Fling is at Iden BC on Sunday 30th June 2024.

The Sellings Cup is at Staplecross BC on Thursday 25th July 2024.

The AGM is at Rye BC on Tuesday 12th November 2024.

The Dinner is at Mermaid Inn on Thursday 14th November 2024.


10. Annual Presentation Dinner.

Judith Blincow of The Mermaid Inn has again offered sponsorship to the league for 2024.

61 to attend dinner on Thursday.


11. Rule changes 

Please see under Main web page headings - Rules 2024 (All amendments are shown in Red)


 12. Website Sponsorship.

             Allblinds agreed to continue sponsorship £ 150.00


 13. Any other business.

Tracey Fearn of Pett asked about the use of netting on wet greens. It was felt that all captains would agree to positioning the mat behind the nets rather than in front of them.


Secretary asked for all clubs to send him the up to date club officers details, he will collate and then send them out.


5 Clubs declared that they would be playing 3 triples next year.

(Hamstreet, St. Leonards, Rye, Iden & Beckley)


Meeting closed at 8.08pm.


Once again, our thanks to Rye B.C for the use of their Clubhouse facilities.









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