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Sellings Cup


This Cup is played for annually, in a Rinks match that takes place between

the Mermaid v Rother Bowls Leagues.

There are usually 6 teams from each League playing for this coverted


This all takes place on a mid-summers evening, followed by refreshments

that have been kindly prepared by the host club.

List of the Annual Winners:-

1994     Rother League             2009    Mermaid League


1995     Rother League             2010    Mermaid League


1996     Rother League             2011    Mermaid League


1997     Rother League             2012    Rother League 


1998     Mermaid League          2013    Mermaid League


1999     Mermaid League          2014    Mermaid League


2000     Mermaid League          2015    Mermaid League


2001     Rother League             2016     Mermaid League


2002     Mermaid League          2017    Mermaid League


2003     Mermaid League          2018    Mermaid League


2004     Mermaid League          2019    Mermaid League


2005     Mermaid League          2020    Cancelled


2006     Rother League             2021     Cancelled


2007     Rother League             2022     Rother League


2008     Rother League             2023    Match Cancelled


    2022  The SELLINGS CUP Match took place at

             Staplecross B.C in July.

           The Rother League WON the Match


Colin Goldsack (Mermaid Chairman) Sent his apologies for not being able to attend & expressed his thanks to Staplecross for hosting the event. Also, to both League Secretarys Terry Rogers & Ian & Maurice (Rother) for organising the teams.


The Final scores were Mermaid 78 & Rother 100

Pictured above :- Rother & Mermaid League teams enjoying the after match refreshments kindly provided by the host Club of Staplecross B. C.


Pictured above:- Brian Sellings, Nigel Pearson (Mermaid Match Captain)  & Paul Trigg (Rother Match Captain) receiving the Trophy.


Sellings Cup

Future Venues


YEAR        HOST LEAGUE              VENUE


2022         Rother Venue            Staplecross


2023         Mermaid Venue           Fairlight


2024         Rother Venue                  TBC


2025         Mermaid Venue         Tenterden


2026         Rother Venue                  TBC


2027         Mermaid Venue              Rye


2028         Rother Venue                  TBC


2029         Mermaid Venue       Staplecross


2030         Rother Venue                  TBC

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