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Chairman :- Colin Goldsack




Chairman's Address.

The chairman, Colin Goldsack, welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending.

9 clubs are represented, Northiam absent.

Attendance sheet held by secretary.


1. Apologies for absence



2. Minutes of last AGM 2021.

Agreed by all. Signed by Chairman.


3. Matters arising.



4. Chairman’s report.

I think this item should be entitled Mr Invisible Man’s address; I’m afraid I haven’t been as visible this year as I had hoped. Back problems and catching up on holidays postponed because of Covid have taken me off the scene; I did have an enjoyable day at Fairlight watching the Fling. My thanks to Fairlight for taking on the event at the, almost, last minute and a brilliant job they made of it too. My congratulations go to the winners, Northiam.

Two years in the life of a bowls club is a long time, especially when those years are combined with such an awful virus as Covid. Loss of players, loss of finances and recruitment problems can cause a terrible toll and, I think it fair to say, several clubs in the Mermaid League have been affected. This is very much reflected in the number of matches which were cancelled or played with 3 rinks. Nevertheless, the Mermaid League has survived, and I am sure you are all pleased to be getting back to normal, but it may be sometime before we reach the pre-Covid position. Let’s hope it’s not too long.

The final league positions saw Fairlight taking first place and Rye and Iden second and third places. They will each benefit from the prize money kindly donated by Judith Blincow of the Mermaid Inn which Judith has very generously maintained at the 2019 sum. My grateful thanks to Judith for the great amount of support she gives to the League.

I’d also like to say a personal thank you for the great support to both the League and to me that Nigel and Terry, who took over the secretarial reins a year ago and made an impact from the start, have given. And a thank you to all the Mermaid League clubs who have all pulled together to make a success of a difficult year.

Finally, let us hope that 2023 will see even further advances in the League’s recovery. If it doesn’t, it won’t be for lack of determination from the clubs’ officers and players. And let us raise a virtual toast to the League and all that it stands for.


5. Treasurer’s report.

All Clubs present received a copy of the Financial Report for the year.

No questions raised, accepted by all.


6. Election of Officers.

No new nominees, so they remain the same.

Colin Goldsack (Chairman), Nigel Pearson (Treasurer) and Terry Rogers (Secretary).


7. Annual Presentation Dinner.

Judith Blincow of The Mermaid Inn has again offered sponsorship to the league for 2023.

76 to attend dinner on Thursday.


8. Future dates for the Diary

The Mermaid Fling is at Tenterden BC on Sunday 2nd July 2023.

The Sellings Cup is at Fairlight BC on Thursday 27th July 2023.

The AGM is at Rye BC on Tuesday 14th November 2023.

The Dinner is at Mermaid Inn on Thursday 16th November 2023.


9. Rule changes 

To reduce teams to 3 triples for 2 years. 3 votes for, 6 against.    Teams are to remain as 4 triples.


Minimum number of ladies to remain the same. 5 votes to 4 votes


Voting for any new club applying to join the league.

Majority vote proposal passed by 6 votes to 3 votes.


 10. Website Sponsorship.

             Allblinds agreed to continue sponsorship £ 150.00


 11. New Applications.

Biddenden BC. Application accepted 7 votes to 2 votes.

Sidley Martlets BC. Application declined 5 votes to 4 votes.


Any other business.

Annette of Rye asked whether the next AGM could be held in the afternoon rather than an evening. Due to parking charges and some members still working, it was decided to leave it as it is.


The secretary asked for clearer info when sending in results when full teams did not play. Nigel will put a comments box on the result sheet for this info.


The secretary asked for more support from all clubs for the Fling and Sellings cup.


Meeting closed at 8.02pm.


Once again, our thanks to Rye B.C for the use of their Clubhouse facilities.









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