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Mermaid Bowls League


Chairman :- Colin Goldsack




  Chairman's welcome address: The Chairman, Colin Goldsack, welcomed all those present      and thanked them for their attendance


  Apologies for absence:  All clubs except Fairlight were present, there were no apologies.


  Minutes of the 2018 AGM: The minutes of the meeting of 14th November 2018 were                  approved and signed by the chairman


  Matters arising from the 2018 Minutes: There were none       


  Chairman’s report : “My report this year is virtually the same as last year with a change to a couple of venues. Again, I have        had very little input apart from making appearances here and there. The work is all done by my committee colleagues, Barry          and Nigel, to whom the clubs and I owe a great deal of gratitude. Thank you to both of you, your work is much appreciated.

  The final league positions this year are a repeat of last year Staplecross, Iden and Fairlight. Congratulations to Staplecross. But    the League is not just about winning, which we all like to do, but also about taking part and enjoying both the game and the            social aspects. So, well done to all of the clubs for being part of a great League.

  Thanks are also due to Beckley for hosting a very successful fling and to Staplecross for hosting the Sellings Cup, which again      the Mermaid League won.

  I cannot make this report without including mention of our very generous sponsor, Judith Blincow of the Mermaid Inn. Judith has    very kindly donated the same amount of prize money to the first three teams as she did last year and the cost of the meal to us      is only 50p more than it was 12 years ago! Thank you so much for your support, Judith. The League is very grateful to you.”


 Treasurer’s report: Copies of the accounts were given to everyone present. Acceptance of the report was Proposed by Alf   Boarman & seconded by Peter Gardiner. Approved by all. It was also approved that Barclays Bank should remain our bankers.   Nigel expressed his thanks to Terry Rogers for kindly agreeing to be a sponsor towards the cost of the Website for another year.


 Hon. Secretary’s Report. Barry reported on the final league tables and the forthcoming dinner. He expressed his thanks to all   the clubs for their help and cooperation during the season.


 Election of Officers for the 2020 Season. No nominations had been received for the Officers positions. However, the current   officers had stated their willingness to continue in their respective rolls. On that basis Ken Beany proposed and Peter Gardiner     seconded that the current officers should continue in their Positions for 2020. Approved by all


 Future dates:

 2020 Mermaid Fling           Tenterden 6th July


 2020 Sellings Cup               23rd July - Battle TBC


 2020 AGM                             Wednesday November 11th 2020


 2020 Mermaid Dinner         Thursday November 12th 2020


  Any other Business: There was no other business. Thanks were expressed to Rye Bowls Club for allowing us the use of their      Clubhouse for this meeting

















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