Mermaid Bowls League 2019
Mermaid Bowls League 2019


Chairman :- Colin Goldsack

DRAFT Minutes of the Mermaid League AGM 2017


Wednesday 15th November 2017 – Held at Rye Bowls Pavilion



Chairman’s Welcome Address:  Colin Goldsack the Leagues Chairman welcomed the representatives from all the Member clubs and thanked then for their attendance


Apologies :-  Tenterden & St. Leonards.


Minutes of the 2016 AGM were approved & Signed by the Chairman.


Matters Arising :-   None


Chairman’s Report :- (Mr. Colin Goldsack)


The Mermaid League has now completed its 30th year and I am proud to have been the Chair for ten of those years in a league that has been a pleasure to play in and be part of .I must apologise for my absence from both the Fling and Selling’s Cup, but family matters come first.

Again the season has been very smooth with few problems but some clubs have struggled with membership problems and I ask that clubs that do not have these types of problems show understating and support to those that do.

I would like to thank my colleagues on the committee, Nigel and Barry, for the hard work that they do on behalf of all member clubs and say that it has been a pleasure working with them.

Would like to congratulate Staplecross on winning the league and also Iden who were runners up and Fairlight who were third in a close final league.

As we have now reached this milestone I thought it appropriate to tell you the places in the winner’s league.  Staplecross have won 9 times. Hamstreet  7. Iden 6.  Beckley 3. Tenterden and Rye 2. And Fairlight 1.

My thanks to Staplecross for hosting the Fling this year and to Fairlight for hosting the Selling’s Cup which we again won.

I will end with thanking all the clubs in the league for taking part and for making the game a pleasure to play.

Colin Goldsack



Treasurers Report :-  (Mr. Nigel Pearson) 

Balance sheet was circulated,

Nigel presented the accounts for the year, the Chairman asked if there were any questions on the accounts, there being none they were accepted by all the clubs present.

(Terry Rogers of Staplecross.B.C. kindly agreed to sponsor again the League Website for £100 for the 2018 season.)

The Treasurer reminded everyone that the 2018 subs of £15 should be sent direct to him before the end of April 2018.


Bankers :-  Our current banker Barclays Bank are to remain our Bankers for the coming year.


Secretary’s Report :-  (Mr. Barry Quaife) 

Barry said that the season had gone fairly well but the old age problem with clubs not fielding 12 players was still on going and causing a problem with teams being given points. This will be the subject of a letter at the end of the A.G.M. I would like to say thank you to all clubs for the prompt return of their results as it helps tp keep the league table at the end of each month updated.

Finally thanks to Colin and Nigel for their help when I needed clarifications on any points.



Election of Officers :-

Chairman:-  Mr. Colin Goldsack, & Hon. Treasurer. Mr. Nigel Pearson,Hon. Secretary.  Mr Barry Quaife.

The current Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer are prepared to stand for another year and the Chairman asked for a proposer and seconder

Proposed by Iden, Seconded by Fairlight

The positions were elected on block by all clubs present.


Dates for next years diary.


The Mermaid Fling for 2018 will be on Sunday JULY 1st at Fairlight Bowls Club. Details will follow later in the season.

The Selling’s Cup for 2018 will be on Thursday JULY 26TH at Gullivers Bowls Club (Rother League Host Club)  Played this year on 6 Rinks. 6pm for a 6.15 Start.

The 2018 AGM will be held on Wednesday 14th November at 7.30pm at Rye Bowls Club.

The 2018 MERMAID LEAGUE DINNER will be on Thursday 15th November at the Mermaid Hotel, 7pm for 7.30pm. Full details will follow later in the year.


Any other Business:-


The Secretary said that he had received an application from Alexandra Bowls Club for membership of the league. This was rejected by all clubs present .

The AGM meeting closed at 19.55 pm.

Copy of the secretary's draft minutes

There followed an open discussion on the letter that the Secretary had received from Staplecross Bowls Club ,which he read out to the meeting, about the behaviour of the St Leonards Bowls club.

At this point as St Leonards Bowls Club was not represented the Chair stood down and Nigel Pearson took the Chair, thus allowing Colin Goldsack to speak on behalf of St Leonards.

The bases of the complaint was that over the last two seasons they had to fielded a full team. and other points  that resulted in clubs being awarded points. Also they were fielding players that were not members.

All points were defended by Colin and the meeting decided that a letter be sent to all clubs stating  that all clubs should play a full team and that the situation be monitored during the 2018 season and if required a solution be put to the 2018 AGM.

It was suggested that maybe all clubs should forward a list of playing members to the league at the start of any season but this was not voted on as it would mean going back to the old way of reporting results and will be considered at the 2018 AGM if clubs thought this was the way forward.


The meeting closed at 20.25pm.














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